CT-50 Reviews
Comprehensive Review of The CT-50 Workout

CT-50 Workout Review

Today I review CT-50 - a new exercise and workout program created by USAW Sports Performance Coach Tyler Bramlett. I look at the claims, what you receive, the program itself, and decide if it’s worth the cost. In other words – does it deliver?

The Claims

The sales page for CT-50, short for “The Cross-Training 50”, claims that you can transform your body and look your very best without machines, cardio, pills, or getting rid of comfort foods. This can be done at home without a trainer, and with little or no equipment.

This new cross training workout took Tyler Bramlett 10 years to develop. A core principle is that your results depend on the movements you make while you exercise, not necessarily the duration or intensity. He gives a great example and definition of how “form follows function” and Progressive Movement Technology™ on the site.

The site claims that anyone, at any health level, sex, or age range can benefit from the CT-50 workout. As you work through the levels, it’s beneficial to beginners and challenging enough for experienced athletes. In addition, the home workouts will only take about 60 minutes per WEEK.

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CT-50 Workout Overview


Level One: This is the beginning level and is good for people just starting out, or those that haven’t exercised in a long time. There is little chance for injury. Some of the progressive movements are the "One-Leg Shin Taps", "Two Arm Presses", and "Down Dog to up Dog".

Level Two: At the next level you should feel more flexible and confident. Some of the progressive movements are the "Lying Leg Raises", "Eccentric Pushups", and the "Single Unders".

Level Three: Things get more challenging in Level Three, as they should. Your body has become more toned and strengthened, and each level will increase the challenge while preventing plateaus. Some of the progressive movements in this level include: "Overhead Swings with a Twist", "Kip Pulls", and "One Arm Swing".

Level Four: Your body should be becoming a lean and efficient machine at this level! Progressive movements at this level include: "Turkish Get Up", "Hanging Knees To Elbows", "One Arm Thrusters".

Level Five: This is the final level, with 10 different steps to go through. By now, your body shape should have completely altered. You should have enormous energy. The exercises are still challenging, and it’s still less than one hour a week. Progressive movements at this level include: "Burpees", "Lateral Explosive Pushups", and "Goblet Jump Squats".


Who is Tyler Bramlett?

Tyler Bramlett is a Functional Training Expert and USAW Sports Performance Coach with a gym in Santa Cruz, California.

Unlike many fitness “experts”, he wasn’t blessed with a perfect body and athleticism, and used to be overweight for as long as he can remember. He brother even used to call him “chubbito”. Although he tried all of the programs, cross-training, and weightlifting over the years, he was still stuck with an extra 40 pounds.

One day, while riding his bike, he was hit by an SUV. With a cracked femur, a torn meniscus, and a dislocated kneecap, he could no longer plan on weightlifting, running, or getting slim. It was this bad incident that showed him the “missing link” to permanent fitness.

After 10 years of development, this effective fat burning course was born. As a trainer and coach, he has gone on to share this system in-person with over 500 people at his gym in Santa Cruz, California, and thousands more online…


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What Comes With The Workouts?

I went ahead and ordered the course, and received my login information within 2 minutes. With the login, you also receive an invitation to join their private Facebook group.

The first thing you see when you log in is the Dashboard (below). There is a welcome video and a clean, easy to navigate, menu. The menu is broken down into Dashboard, Downloads, Instructionals, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, and Level 5.

The volume of quality information was totally unexpected!


CT-50 Dashboard 



Main Manual
Quick Start Guide
Wall Charts
Workouts Score Sheet


Super Fat Loss Smoothies Bonus
Integration Guide Bonus
Supplements Guide Bonus


5 Day Fast Metabolism Repair Plan
Pullup Bar & Suspension Trainer Substitution Guide
Power Isometrics Guide


20 instructional videos*, teaching 130+ exercises.


Level 1 workouts, 01 through 10

Level 2 workouts, 11 through 20

Level 3 workouts, 21 through 30

Level 4 workouts, 31 through 40

Level 5 workouts, 41 through 50

* ALL videos can be viewed online or downloaded to your PC or tablet

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CT-50 Workout PROS:

  • This seems to be a very well organized, effective, and complete workout system. The claims seem plausible, and their Progressive Movement Technology™ makes sense.
  • The Progressive Cross Training exercises seem to have a lot of variation and can be done by all types and ages of people.
  • The cost is small compared to other programs I’ve reviewed, such as P90X or Insanity. There is minimal equipment needed - a single dumbbell and a pull-up bar.
  • This is not a monthly program, like a gym membership, so there isn’t a constant money drain.
  • The videos can be viewed online or downloaded, so they can work on your PC, some TVs and Tablets.


CT-50 Workout CONS:

  • I’ve given this a lot of thought and the only con that I’ve been able to find so far is that there is a ton of stuff to go through. Although the site is well organized, it’s still 70+ videos and 10 manuals. That might be overwhelming for some people.
  • On the other hand, it’s nice that everything is laid out so well, and that there are detailed CT-50 workout instructions. With this many exercises and manuals, the opportunity is there for the athlete to keep motivated, yet the choice is there for someone who just wants to feel and look a little better.

CT50 Workout Bundle

The Bottom Line:

CT50 Reviews Rating4.5 out of 5

I’ve reviewed a number of  crossfit workouts at home products in the past. This is one that I’m going to keep and use. I’ve started the Level One training and already feel the effects. Time will tell how long I can keep motivated. I’ve taken my “before picture” and am thinking about blogging my results.

Check out the program and try out the complimentary workout, then feel free to come back here and leave your own comments or reviews (good or bad) for others.


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